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"The pencil of the Holy Ghost hath labored more in describing the afflications of Job than the felicities of Solomon."

Francis Bacon (1596-1650)



Hvorfor tillater Gud - bildeWhy Does God Allow Evil?

This is a book about what in theology and in philosophy of religion often is called "the problem of evil": How can a good and almighty God allow evil to exist in this world?

This is a book about the God that is described in the Bible. Here we are told that He is love. But how can He then allow that people suffer from natural disasters, injustice, diseases and similar?

Based on the book of Job and one of the stories from Israel's earliest days as a kingdom the book seeks to examine the following questions: - Does good things happen to good people and bad things to bad people? - Who is behind natural disasters, accidents, diseases, and other sufferings that are found in our world? - Why did not God annihilate Satan at once when he started his rebellion?

The book is not based on other assumptions than that the Bible is what it claims to be, i.e. the word of God.

Read the book online [PDF]:

Part 1 - "Good Things Happen to Good People, Bad Things Happen to Bad People"

Part 2 - Who is Responsible?

Part 3 - Why Did Not God Annihilate Satan at Once When He Rebelled?


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