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"If God is not our friend, no friend can help us. But when He is our friend, it does not matter if no one else is our friend."

Martin Luther (1483-1546)



Hvorfor tillater Gud - bildeWhy Does God Allow Evil?

This book is about what theology and philosophy of religion has called "the problem of evil": How can a good and almighty God allow evil to exist in the world? The book takes a closer look at the following questions: - Does good things happen to good people, and bad things to bad people? - Who is behind natural disasters, accidents, diseases, and similar which are found in our world? - Why did not God annihilate Satan at once when he started his rebellion?
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fredsriket imageThe Dream About a Kingdom of Peace

For centuries people have been longing for peace on earth, for a kingdom characterized by harmony and prosperity. Especially the idea of a millennial kingdom of peace has been popular, not least among Christians. On many occasions dates have been determined for the time when God would establish His kingdom, but in all cases it became no more than a prediction. What is it that has made so many be so wrong? [Click image to read more]


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